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Elis for All: Become more than an employee

Xavier Martiré

As employees, you are key players in Elis’s future. And it is therefore essential that you become even more involved in the Group’s success. That is why I’m inviting you to join the new employee share ownership plan, Elis for All 2021.

Xavier Martiré CEO

Elis launches its second employee share ownership plan, open to more than 40,000 employees in 17 countries.

It allows you to subscribe for Elis shares (indirectly, through an investment fund) on preferential terms via the Elis Group Savings Plan.

Between 6 May and 21 May 2021, you will have the opportunity to subscribe for Elis for all, an option that will allow you to invest in the company and become involved in the Group's development on a sustained basis.

Video of the offer

Details of the offer

  • 30 percent icon


    30% discount on the reference Elis share price

  • Present icon

    Matching contribution

    1 free share for every 10 subscribed shares

  • Lock icon

    Your investment

    Your investment is LOCKED IN FOR THREE YEARS, except in cases where early release is permitted (see local supplement)

  • Euro chart icon

    Linked to share price

    Your investment is linked to the changes in Elis's share price, both upwards and downwards

  • Cash hand icon


    You will receive potential dividends on the shares you hold. The dividends will be reinvested in units of the employee investment fund, thereby increasing the amount of your investment

  • Calculator icon

    Account fees

    The account fees charged by the employee investment fund are covered by Elis

Timeline - key dates of the scheme

Timeline Elis for All

Subscribe for the offer in just a few clicks

  • You can apply in minutes via a simple and secure online platform

  • Click on the button "Apply for Elis for All 2021

  • Use the username and password sent to you by email

  • Check and update your personal information

  • Enter the amount you want to invest

  • Confirm your subscription


  • Who can take part?

    To be eligible, you need to have been an employee of the Group for at least three months as of the opening date of the subscription period.

  • How much can I invest?

    The minimum investment amount in Elis for All is set at €50.
    The maximum amount is equal to a quarter of your estimated gross annual salary for 2021 and is capped at €50,000.

  • What is the reference price? 

    Reference price: the average opening price of Elis shares on the 20 trading days preceding the launch of the scheme

  • How can I pay?

    Your subscription must be paid by bank transfer by 16 June 2021,
    in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the local
    supplement. Please refer to this for more information.


If you have any questions about the Elis FOR ALL scheme, you can contact the UK HR department by email 

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