Cleanroom Goggles

The final step towards complete contamination control

The new GMP Annex 1 is not open to interpretation on the issue of sterile goggles, and brings our attention to the necessity of wearing sterile eye coverings in A/B grade cleanrooms. Goggles serve the function of covering the eyes and the facial skin around them, thereby preventing the shedding of droplets and particles. The Annex 1. also urges us to pay attention to the goggles undergoing sterilisation and being in integral packaging prior to use. We are always working on providing you with the best solution, and have conducted a multitude of validations to provide reusable goggles which offer the necessary protection, are comfortable for the wearer but also have a strong resistance to sterilisation.

Acuity Goggles

This goggle does not yellow, through its 20 rounds of irradiation and retains its visual transmittance. Oversized indirect vents to limit fogging and improve air flow.

    Cleanroom Goggles - Optimal visibility

    Our reusable goggles are designed for high temperature resistance and retain visual transmittance throughout their lifespan.

      Cleaning Process

      To minimise the risk of contamination, we have developed a cleaning process, which guarantees that each goggle is always consistently cleaned, disinfected and sterilised.

      Goggle washer

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