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Visible or not, particles have a negative effect on the performance and durability of your electronic devices. They are highly sensitive and easily damaged if exposed to static electricity. It is necessary to prevent damage caused by ESD (electrostatic discharge) by taking measures such as, wearing ESD protective garments. Having decades of experience within the cleanroom industry we provide head to toe ESD-certified, fully validated cleanroom solutions for operators, which prevents the electrostatic discharge and maximise contamination control.

Contamination Control? We’ve got you covered

A rental solution means we have protective garments for numerous situations across all cleanroom environments, and that standards are always kept up-to-date.

Cleanroom ESD garment
Cleanroom Cleaning system MicronSwep

A unique way to keep cleanrooms clean

The MicronSwep™ mopping system is an ergonimic, reusable cleaning solution for controlled environments. It is designed to minimise traffic, cleaning time and chemical usage.

Cleanroom Consumables

To complete your cleanroom needs, we offer a full range of both sterile and non-sterile consumables such as gloves, wipes or cleaning agents. You can read more about our consumables in our brochure.

Cleanroom Consumables

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