Berendsen LightGuide

Berendsen LightGuide

Today, 6 out of 10 of your colleagues won’t wash their hands after using the toilet . Unwashed hands quickly spread bacteria from place to place, and person to person potentially leading to unnecessary sick leave. We offer a proven, effective solution: Berendsen LightGuide is a high quality product line with a built-in guided process that gently prompts users through the correct hand cleansing process.

Proven hand hygiene

Tests have shown that the introduction of the Berendsen LightGuide system has a very positive effect on hand hygiene. In Randers Hospital in Denmark LightGuide increased the use of hand disinfection by 85 percent, the use of soap by 53 percent and general hand hygiene by 57 per cent.

Berendsen lightguide test.JPG
Paper towel roll best

How does it work?

In your toilets we install a soap dispenser, hand sanitiser and paper roll (all non-touch), toilet sensor and modem. When the toilet is occupied the sensor sends a signal to the controller. Anonymous data on usage can also be obtained.


  • Insight into the level of hygiene within your washrooms
  • Greatly improve hygiene level in you organisation
  • Potentially reduce sick leave
  • Clean and hygienic appearance

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