A clean solution for a dirty job

In today's advanced industry, something as simple as a cloth is crucial for quality assurance. Both the machinery and the end products must always be clean, and disposable materials are often insufficient.

A partner you can always rely on

We make sure you always have the right amount of clean wipers, at the right time and place. Our modern laundry can deal with metal chips, oils and other chemical residues. Fabrics are evaluated so that they are as effective as possible.

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Always clean wipers within your reach

Day after day, hour after hour


Wipers Auto_Elis

Rental or disposables?

Disposables cause toxic landfill and are not as efficient as a rented solution.


All rules are met.

With our wipers all environmental requirements are met, so you can be sure you have sourced a responsible supplier.


Washed in an environmentally friendly laundry.

The wipers are washed in a closed system where the waste water is recycled, reducing the impact on the environment.


A professional service that revolves around you

  • Ready for use
  • Collection
  • Specialised washing and handling
  • Delivery

Why choose our wiper solution?

  • Full service gives you less administration
  • Complies with all environmental standards
  • Lower consumption of raw materials and less waste
  • Convenient, easy and economically advantageous

We're happy to help

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