Electrostatic workwear

Electrostatic workwear

In explosion hazardous areas, electrostatic workwear provides protection to prevent explosions. When working in a company at risk of explosion (ATEX zone), the body is an ignition source. Our electrostatic workwear is not only electrostatic, it also complies with other standards, for example protection against lace pads and / or chemicals. Check out some of our electrostatic collections below.

How business clothing can prevent explosions

In an explosion hazardous zone (or ATEX zone), employees can form an ignition source by friction and motion. The carrier can charge itself, when a rapid discharge occurs then a spark may occur. Antistatic clothing ensures that the wearer can not charge himself. Sectors in which anti-static clothing is of vital importance: the chemical or wood processing industry, companies that work with flour or sugar products or with explosive powders or gases.

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Chemical resistant and electrostatic

The chemical resistant and electrostatic collection Endurance offers high-quality protection against heat, radiation and hazardous substances. The garment is electrostatic according to EN 1149-5

    Flexible and antistatic welding wear

    When working in risk areas that require flame retardant clothing, the challenge is to find a balance between protection and comfort. FlameQ is a collection that both can offer. The satin fabric, ventilation allows your employees to be efficient and well-protected.

      Extra strong welding cloth with antistatic properties

      Flame Protection is a good solution for the metal industry, foundries, automotive sector and contractors. The collection offers optimal protection against lace pads and is comfortable thanks to its excellent fit. The Flame Protection + is expanded with special overalls that are fitted with reflector belts.

        Antistatic and flame retardent

        The MultiSplash and Sparkle collection are not only antistatic and flame retardant, they also provide high visibility. Suitable for professionals who need certified clothing to access customer locations, airports, energy industry, etc

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