Welding wear

Welding wear

For welders, Elis has an extensive range of welding wear that can be used depending on your wishes and risks. The workwear provides protection against splashes of molten metal and welding sparks, but also UV radiation. The design of the welding wear is such that it does not form an obstacle during work and provides optimal protection.

The risks of welding

Welders are exposed to different risks like: UV light, radiation, sparks, flames, heat and splashes of liquid metal and even electrically hazardous situations. To protect welders against the above risks, the appropriate protective equipment is essential. Part of this is protective workwear that complies with EN ISO 11611. Welding wear must also comply with EN ISO 11612. This means that the skin is also protected against heat and / or flames. Our most popular welding collections are displayed below.

Safety workwear flame retardent Berendsen

Smooth dressing

When working in hot risk areas that require flame retardant clothing, the challenge is to find a balance between protection and comfort. FlameQ is a collection that both can offer. The satin fabric, ventilation allows your employees to be efficient and well-protected.

    Extra strong dressing

    Flame Protection is a good solution for the metal industry, foundries, automotive sector and contractors. The collection offers optimal protection against lace pads and is comfortable thanks to an excellent fit. The Flame Protection + is expanded with special overalls that are fitted with reflector belts.

      The right protection against heat and fire

      Are you looking for workwear that provides the right protection against molten metal, welding sparks, heat and fire? Then Elementary is the right solution! The 100% flame retardant cotton provides good thermal protection.

        Multi-risk, welding and high vis

        If your workers need proper protection against welding and molten metal, but beside that also need to be visible to avoid risk getting run over. Sparkle is the solution!

          Flame-Protection aluminum protection

          How do you choose the right welding wear?

          Are your employees performing welding activities? Do you want to know what clothes they need? Download our informative whitepaper. Here you can read six tips that will be useful when choosing suitable welding wear. The following aspects are discussed: Choice of material, acceptance of wearers and maintenance of the welding wear.


          There are 2 types of classes of clothing

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