A laundry service you can rely on

Workwear laundry service

Just imagine… every day fresh and clean workwear ready to wear, delivered right at your doorstep or even inside your personal lockers. We clean your garments professionally in our laundries across the country and deliver them back to you. With our workwear management system you will have full insight in usage.

Reliable cleaning service

If you are looking for a reliable laundry for your clothing with full service, please contact us. Our weekly cleaning (or frequency as you wish) is cleaned and checked if necessary. This ensures that your employees safety is always ensured.

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Why the largest companies across Europe use our laundry services


High service level

You can rely on us, we will repair, wash and deliver your garments.


CSR friendly

Our professional laundry provides the most sustainable solution for the environment


Online management

Get insight in usage through our workwear management system.



We are able to service the entire country

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Safe and clean

If clothes are not washed properly, it can cause unsafe situations. Dirt or residual detergents are dangerous when they come into contact with sparks or chemicals. Incorrect temperatures or detergents can also affect the protective properties of clothing. Elis ensures that all clothes are safe from the laundry.

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Customer specific care

Elis uses a specific wash program for all different types of clothes. This does not affect the protective properties, or is brought back into old condition. For example, on a chemical garment, a new finish is applied to each wash.

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