UK Tax Strategy

Elis is the leader in the rental and maintenance of linens, professional garments, and hygiene and wellness equipment. Elis and its recent acquisition Berendsen act responsibly in all our tax matters. We understand the importance to governments and the communities we operate in to pay the right amount of tax on time.

To support this we have the following tax principles:

This strategy applies to Berendsen Limited and other UK entities in the Elis group, in accordance with paragraph 19 of Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016. The strategy has been published in accordance with paragraph 19(4), and will be reviewed each year in accordance with paragraph 16(2), of the Schedule.

This strategy applies from the date of publication until it is superseded. References to ‘UK Taxation’ are to the taxes and duties set out in paragraph 15(1) of the Schedule which include Income Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE, NIC, VAT, Insurance Premium Tax, and Stamp Duty Land Tax. References to ‘tax’, ‘taxes’ or ‘taxation’ are to UK taxation and to all corresponding worldwide taxes and similar duties in respect of which the Group has legal responsibilities.

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