Clean seat dispenser

The personal toilet seat

We do not find it hygienic to drink from someone else's coffee cup, so why do we at the same time use the same toilet seat? The Berendsen toilet seat cleaner gives the toilet visitor the opportunity to sit on a hygienically disinfected toilet seat.

Simple disinfection

It is the best method of cleaning a toilet seat. Follow these three steps:

1) Take a piece of toilet paper
2) Spray the foam on the paper
3) Wipe the paper over the toilet seat. Due to the composition of the foam, the seat dries immediately on contact and you can sit on a clean seat. The foam kills 99.9% of the bacteria present, which eliminates the risk of contamination by contact with the seat.

Clean Seat wipe toilet seat

With the Clean Seat from Berendsen you get:

An easy way to clean the toilet seat, while being gentle to the skin.

  • A full service solution, where Berendsen conducts warehousing, inflow, etc. Thereby releasing resources in the company.
  • Reduced spread of bacteria and reduced sickness absence in your company
  • A flexible design that can be tailored to specific needs
  • In addition, your service agreement with Berendsen ensures that the Clean Seat Dispenser solution is always intact.

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