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Elis Surgical Solutions is an established and focused supplier of reusable surgical gowns, drapes and tray wraps with 30 years' experience serving over 300 NHS and private sector hospitals. We are the only UK company operating totally dedicated sterile processing units for reusable surgical and medical textiles, operating to Cleanroom 8 standards.

An original service concept designed in 1990 to replace cotton-based theatre textiles, Camberwell sterile processing facility opened in 1992, followed by Shrewsbury in 2000. Our reusable surgical gowns and drapes can be processed up to 75 times each, without compromising protection levels.

Essential quality and performance standards achieved:

- EN 13795
- EN 14065
- EN ISO 11607
- ISO 13485:2016
- 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive


  • RFID Technology

    Our reusable surgical products are equipped with RFID technology, which:

    • provides lifetime tracking of our reusable surgical textiles
    • records and reports how many processes an item has had, including options for rewashing, repairing, reproofing or condemning
    • alerts the operator at the inspection stage if any item has reached a predetermined number of processes (75 times for gowns/drapes, 55 for tray wraps).

    The RFID can report on how many of a given item is in circulation or how many packs or items a customer has in stock.

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Benefits of our reusable surgical textiles rental services

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    Revenue & Savings

    On average reusable surgical gowns are 45% cheaper, with VAT reclaimable on reusable products for NHS customers

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    All gowns must meet EN 13795. Reusable gowns, processed up to 75 times, outperform disposable alternatives for protection, durability, fluid repellence and strength, with no measurable increased risk of infection post procedure

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    Greener NHS Ambition

    Life Cycle Assessments report carbon reductions of 69% by switching to reusable, which also supports NHS aims to reduce disposable clinical plastics

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    Ease of Implementation

    More frequent deliveries of reusable products means less storage space is required, reducing the risk of stock unavailability

Surgical from Elis: striving for sustainability, choose to reuse

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A more sustainable approach

With the NHS’s ambitious target to achieve a net zero health service by 2045, sustainability is now more important than ever. This is why we have conducted the first ever independent UK-based Life Cycle Analysis, into the sustainability of reusable surgical gowns, standard and high protection, against disposable counterparts.

Reusable surgical gowns performed significantly better in terms of resource efficiency, offering a more sustainable alternative to disposable equivalents.

The results are clear!

  • Up to 69%

    less carbon footprint

  • Up to 61%

    less water usage

  • Up to 85%

    less clinical waste saving

  • Up to 66%

    less energy consumption

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We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive and reliable service. This includes a free initial no-obligation survey of your site to ensure our solutions are perfectly matched to your business requirements.

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Success stories

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  • Over recent months, a number of other Trusts have made the switch from disposable to multi-use products out of necessity. However, this was something we had already initiated prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus, it proved to be an excellent move as it got us through the national shortage of PPE and avoided the price increases seen on single use. The team at Elis were able to successfully implement the roll-out of multi-use products during the first wave of the pandemic. We are pleased with the outcome. Many of our consultants and staff have responded positively to the switch, and we have benefited from cost savings due to the fact we are able to reclaim VAT on these reusable products.

    Bob Unwin Business Manager, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
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  • As well as helping to ensure continuity of supply, the reusable gowns are expected to deliver considerable financial and environmental savings. The forecasted reduction in clinical waste is approximately 8 tonnes per year, resulting in an annual saving of around £3,000.00. This represents an overall saving of 22% on previous disposable products, while enabling the Trust to operate more sustainably.

    Michael Bailey Theatre Business Manager, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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  • The NHS contributes to 4-5% of total carbon emissions in the UK. Operating theatres are particularly energy intensive, with a single procedure estimated to generate carbon emissions equivalent to driving 450 miles in an average petrol car. The Greener Theatres checklist published by the four Royal Colleges of Surgeons in the UK and Ireland highlights reusable gowns as an effective means of reducing the environmental impact of operating theatres, and we are therefore keen to implement the switch to more sustainable surgical textiles within our facilities.

    Ludger Barthelmes Consultant Surgeon, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust
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