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A responsible, high-quality offering

We provide sustainable, bespoke solutions and our growth model respects people and the environment, enabling us to offer solutions that our customers can be proud of and ensure their satisfaction.

Xavier Martiré

Our business is based on the circular economy, giving our customers the opportunity to use many products through rental rather than having to buy them. We ensure products are designed and maintained to provide superior functionality and durability.

Xavier Martiré Chairman of the Management Board
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Our commitments

  • Be part of a more sustainable business model

    Based on the circular economy, our bespoke solutions model allows our customers to enjoy our services without having to purchase the products. This approach extends the service life of products and maximises their use by promoting reuse.

  • Managing our social impact

    Our Code of Ethics applies to our entire value chain and includes provisions to ensure our products are manufactured with respect for others. Our Foundation offers educational and vocational programmes to support communities living near our plants.

  • Minimise the environmental footprint of our business

    We develop eco-designed solutions to minimise the consumption of natural resources, boost the service life of our products, increase the rate at which they are reused or recycled, and optimise our logistical flows.

  • Be a vehicle for employee development

    The well-being and safety of our employees are of the utmost importance to us. We make sure our employees continue to develop throughout their career, and we promote the concept of an inclusive company, giving particular focus to gender equality in our various business lines.


Elis’s bespoke solutions model allowed the Group to get a head start on expanding its product lines. Linen services were its core business in the beginning, and Elis diversified by offering facilities services (e.g. water coolers, coffee machines, floor mats) followed by a pest control service.

Innovation permeates every part of our Group, thanks to the dedicated project managers in our various departments. We are building on this innovation by creating partnerships with start-ups and SMEs, and we currently have 25 projects in development. Our aim is to adopt the most promising advances early on and adapt them to our business, creating more value for our customers in the process.

Elis is continuously redesigning its products to provide traceability and inventory management solutions, which we know are key issues for our customers.

Innovation at Elis