Our professions

A wide range of business lines

Whether you’re looking for a role in production, customer distribution, logistics or the head office support functions: Elis offers a range of opportunities to help you achieve your career plans.

  • Customer

    At Elis, we are here to serve our customers, ensuring their satisfaction so they can focus on their own business. With this in mind, we have several specifically customer-focused business lines that allow us to cater to their needs for the length of their contract.

    Our job roles:

    • Sales Representative
    • Customer Service Assistant
    • Customer Development Manager
    • Key Account Manager


  • Engineering

    Our engineering teams make sure that our plants and machinery operate efficiently and deal with any day-to-day maintenance.  Without your expertise we wouldn't be able to service customers.  You'll have experience of electrical and mechanical trades, and hold a recognised qualification in your field.  You'll be happy working shifts and will need good communication skills to work with colleagues.

    The roles of Maintenance Manager, Deputy Maintenance Manager and Maintenance Technician are key to production, to ensure compliance with safety and quality procedures. These positions are a vital link in our quality of service.

  • Finance

    Our finance teams offer plenty of opportunities for you to achieve your potential and help the Group to grow. With a background in finance and a strong eye for detail, there's a role waiting for you.

  • Fleet

    We own our main logistical resources, the trucks our agents use to make customer deliveries on their rounds. At the same time, we manage numerous supply and delivery flows of textile articles and hygiene equipment.
    Foresight, organisation and responsiveness will be key to your success.
    Our job roles:
    •    HGV Driver
    •    Warehouseman
    •    Logistics Assistant
    •    Transport Operations Manager

  • Human Resources

    Ensuring Elis’ success means managing labour relations, recruiting the right people, helping employees to develop, supporting their careers, meeting their training needs, and helping them to achieve their potential within the Group.

  • IT

    The IT team aims to enhance Group performance via innovative IT solutions encompassing application development, procedure management and information system security.

  • Marketing

    Marketing brings together product promotion and customer experience (where customer satisfaction is the key focus), innovation as well as PR, campaigns, print and digital communication.

  • Operations

    Our production teams in operations are the people who really drive our business.  Our operatives are responsible for sorting, loading, ironing and packaging linens in one of our laundry sites.

    Develop into a team leader role, and from there you could make the move into management and beyond.  You'll have excellent communication skills and great attention to detail.  You'll also be happy working as part of a team.

    Thanks to our optimised processes, this industrial model helps us to significantly reduce water and non-renewable energy consumption.

    Discover a dynamic, responsible working environment.

    Our job roles:

    • Production Operator
    • Wash Tunnel Driver
    • Team Leader
    • Deputy Production Manager
    • Production Manager
    • Methods Engineer (Head office)
  • Sales

    With sales representatives across the UK dedicated to finding new customers, our sales force is acknowledged for its effectiveness. Our sales target is broad, since our services are aimed at all types of customers. If you are passionate about sales, you are sure to find a role to suit you.

    Our job roles

    • Small Account Manager
    • Customer Advisor
    • Regional Sales Manager
  • Service

    Our sales and service teams manager our customer relationships, whether through being out on the road and visiting existing customers or being site based and responding to queries.  

    By responding to customer needs we ensure we remain their first choice of partner for today and tomorrow.