We take care of contamination so you can take care of business

We believe that trust is something that must be validated

People are the main source of contamination in every cleanroom environment, so reliability is crucial. We innovate for efficiency and provide fully validated cleanroom solutions for maximum contamination control. With decades of experience within the cleanroom industry, we are the qualified partner for you. We handle everything from stocking, decontamination, maintenance and delivery so you can concentrate on what you do best – your core business.

Tailor-made solutions

As a contamination control partner we offer tailor-made solutions meeting your standards and needs. Inside the cleanroom, we provide garments, mops, wipes, mats, clogs, goggles and logistics, fully supported with the right tools and training for your employees. Our International presence allows for extensive cross-country knowledge sharing towards your needs and the latest market innovations.

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Full contamination control

Our cleanroom garments can be used in numerous situations – all ISO classes of cleanroom production, Electrostatic Discharge Protective Areas (EPA), areas with special protection requirements, such as handling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in biosafety areas, danger of fire and explosions, chemical and fine powder hazard, cytotoxic production, operating theatre areas, clinics and laboratories, etc. Moreover, we offer a selection of cleanroom undergarments for extra protection under the coverall.

Cleanroom Goggles - The optimal sterile eye coverings

The draft revision of Annex EU GMP / ISO 14644 states ‘…sterile eye coverings should be worn to cover all facial skin and prevent the shedding of droplets and particles’

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Flexi Mat Front

Leave your contamination worries at the door with Flexi Mat

A high-performance cleanroom mat system that prevents up to 99% of foot and airborne contaminants from entering or exiting critical control points.

A unique way to keep cleanrooms clean

The MicronSwep™ mopping system is an ergonomic, reusable cleaning solution for controlled environments. It is designed to minimise traffic, cleaning time and chemical usage.

Cleanroom Cleaning system MicronSwep
Cleanroom Consumables

Cleanroom Consumables

By providing you with complementary products for contamination control we aim to enhance your cleanroom experience. All our Consumables are validated and add to us being the one-stop supplier for your cleanroom needs. Both sterile and non-sterile consumables such as gloves, clogs, wipes or cleaning agents are ready to support your operations. For more information about our consumables download our brochure.


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