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Keep your washrooms fragrant and fresh

With odours one of the first things you notice in a washroom, an unpleasant one can be instantly off-putting. It suggests unsanitary conditions, and createsa poor impression of your site’s cleanliness. Our range of air fresheningproducts and services help to combat this by neutralising odours and providing a consistent dispersal of fragrance so you can be sure of a freshand clean smelling washroom.

A beautiful fragrance collection

We offer a selection of fragrances across the range that are designed to invoke a sense of freshness and cleanliness. These light yet powerful scents are ideal for use in both washrooms and non washroom environments, so you can be sure of an efficient solution without it being overwhelming.


Airscent Atom

Delivering a long lasting fragrance from essential oils, the Airscent Atom uses innovative Piezo technology to produce tiny ‘atomised’ liquid fragrance particles. This means the fragrance stays airborne and makes the space smell fresher for longer.

  • Environmentally friendly with no aerosols or propellants, just pure fragrance oil
  • Highly effective fragrance distribution, creates a long lasting impression without saturating the area with scent
  • Choice of four fragrances
  • Contains odouraze odour neutraliser to combat malodours, destroying bad smells, rather than just masking them

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