Chemical resistant workwear

The best workwear when working with chemicals

In the petrochemical industry, employees are exposed to numerous risks every day. It is a big challenge to ensure that work is done efficiently, but also as safely and healthy as possible. With 100 years of experience and close cooperation with our customers, we have the knowledge, quality products and high quality services at home to help you work safely and responsibly.

The risks of working with chemicals

Contact with chemicals and acids generally occurs unnoticed and the consequences can be disastrous for humans. Therefore, when you work in chemistry, it's essential to wear the right clothes and properly maintain it. We offer various collections of safety clothing with a fluorine carbon finish that protects against small splashes of chemicals and acids. Do you have special wishes for the clothes? We can make adjustments taking into account EN standards so that your clothing is suitable for the applications within your company.


Chemical resistant workwear

Our chemical resistant collection Endurance offers high-quality resistance to heat, radiation and hazardous substances. Due to the finishing effect of the finish, as many skin injuries as possible are caused by splashing chemicals and acids.

    Protection against chemicals and visible at the same time

    With the MultiSplash collection, employees always work comfortably, in a variety of work situations. This collection is suitable for the chemical industry, airports, contractors and the energy sector. The workwear meets a total of six standards.

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