Flame retardant workwear

Flame retardant workwear

Wearing fire retardant workwear gives your employees the opportunity to put themselves in safety when needed. Wearing wrong clothes can cause dangerous situations. For example, the substance may solidify on the skin or may heat metal details and cause burns. Our flame retardant workwear incorporates a number of innovative safety features along with highly visible markings to show the level of protection they can expect.

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Workwear that is worn

When you or your employees are exposed to heat, flames or splashes, it is required to wear fire retardant clothing. To ensure that the workwear can be worn all day, our garments are as light and comfortable as possible. In addition, we have a professionally compiled program to ensure that the clothing is accepted and worn. Depending on the type of work of the people and the risks to which your employees are exposed, you can choose from a wide range of flame retardant clothing:

Extra strong flame retardant workwear

Flame Protection is a good solution for the metal industry, foundries, automotive sector and contractors. The collection offers optimal protection against lace pads and is comfortable thanks to an excellent fit. The Flame Protection+ is expanded with special overalls that are made of reflector belts.

    The right protection against heat and fire

    Are you looking for workwear that provides the right protection against molten metal, welding sparks, heat and fire? Then Elementary is the right solution! The 100% flame retardant cotton provides good thermal protection.

      Hi vis and flame retardant

      The MultiSplash and Sparkle collection are not only flame retardant, they also provide high visibility. Suitable for professionals who need certified clothing to access customer locations, airports, energy sector etc.

        Flexible flame retardant workwear

        When working in warm risk areas that requires flame retardant garments the challenge is to find balance between protection and comfort. FlameQ is a collection that can offer both.

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