Hi vis workwear

Be visible with hi vis workwear

Poor light and adverse weather conditions are factors we cannot control. These conditions can result in your workers not being seen in time. However, you want your staff to be visible no matter what. They should be recognised and identified when doing their job, particularly at locations where your staff are at risk from moving machinery and vehicles. We offer a comprehensive range of signature clothing that ensures extra visibility during the work. Thanks to careful management and frequent cleaning and inspection, the reflective properties of the signature clothing remain the best.

Comfortable workwear is safe workwear

Make sure that the workwear you or your staff wear is also comfortable. Uncomfortable clothing can be as safe as it is not worn, it makes no sense. Also ensure that workwear is available throughout the seasons that can be comfortably worn. A summer's hivis t-shirt is covered by a dark jacket in winter. Whether a visible jacket is not worn during the summer period and the wearer's own T-shirt is visible. Check out our hi vis collection below

Petrochemical 2.jpg

Multi Standards for Signaling and Flame Retardancy

When your employees have to be protected from lace pads and molten metal, they must also be visible. Then Sparkle may be the solution you are looking for.

    Well visible in the vicinity of traffic

    Lumi is a collection for employees who must be well visible, such as in the vicinity of traffic. The clothing features reinforced parts and numerous storage options. The fabric keeps the color long lasting, even after a lot of washings. Wear comfort and fit remain intact.

      Combine collections

      Combine our Révision, Lumi, Sparkle and MultiSplash collections and choose from summerwear, winterwear, orange or yellow.

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