Multi risk workwear

Always protected with multi risk workwear

With multi risk workwear, employees are protected against various risks. Our multi risk wear meets five to six different standards. Your employees are optimally protected when performing their work, at your company or external customer location. When the EU standards change, then we will make sure your garments change with them. Check out our range of multi risk workwear below. Looking for a specific solution? Contact us by filling out the form.

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Comfortable multi standard clothing is safe clothing

Make sure the clothes you or your employees choose are also comfortable. Uncomfortable clothing can be as safe as it is not worn, it makes no sense. Our clothes have gone through a variety of carrier tests. Do you also want to carry out a carrier test for your employees without obligation? We can support you throughout the entire course. This way you can make sure your employees accept and wear the clothes.

Multi-welding for welding and high visibility

If your employees are to be protected from lace pads and molten metal, and should also be visible, then Sparkle may be the solution you are looking for.

    Always enjoy and work comfortably

    With MultiSplash clothing, employees always work smoothly and comfortably, in a variety of work situations. This collection is suitable for the chemical industry, airports, contractors and the energy sector. The clothing meets a total of six standards.

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