Innovation at Elis

Innovation at Elis

Elis has always been innovating and diversifying its hygiene and well-being services ever since it was created in 1883. We are now living in an era of big change, both in terms of digital technologies and uses, and this innovative spirit is still alive, meeting new customer demands, creating new services or optimising existing ones.

Design innovation: from need to solution

Everything begins with a customer (internal or external) telling us what their needs are. We then seek to create the optimal solution for them. Supervised by Innovation project managers and following approval from a dedicated committee, independent teams dispatched to our various departments begin working on an R&D phase, before conducting feasibility studies and several POCs  to test the solution they have come up with. We use design thinking with iterative development and short decision-making circuits. Once the customer signs off the solution, it is then rolled out with assistance from the usual central support services.

This work is helping to create ground-breaking solutions, such as smart washroom appliances, digital sizing tools and even sales support tools that use augmented reality technology.

Increasing innovation partnerships 

Elis welcomes technological innovations developed outside the company, so that it can adopt the most promising advances early on and adapt them to its business as quickly as possible.
This approach has led to a dozen or so partnerships with start-ups and innovative SMEs with the potential to complement our offering.

POC: Proof of Concept

Four flagship Elis innovations

  • Eco-designed mats

    Our floor protection mats are made from Phoenix fibres which are produced 100% from recycled water bottles. Phoenix fibre is eco-friendly and guarantees long-lasting vivid colours.

  • Smart washrooms

    Patented after four years of R&D, we designed an offering that uses text alerts sent from each smart appliance to ensure action is taken to prevent soap/paper/towel consumables running out, while also avoiding waste. The customer is kept informed in real time through their smart appliances.

  • Next generation sizing

    EasyFit is a body scan tool that was co-developed with the Belgian start-up Quantacorp. With just an iPad, you can instantly take measurements for workwear and assign the wearer clothing in their size without them having to try it on.

  • Augmented reality

    Using LiveDemo, an augmented reality tool, allows customers to see a product from the Elis catalogue in their own environment (restaurant, hotel rooms, etc.), helping them to make decisions about their order.