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Net Zero - a continuation of our commitment in the UK

The commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 covers all our emissions, including direct emissions from our operations, indirect emissions linked to the energy used and all other emissions linked to our activities.

This major commitment is the next step on our sustainability journey and will profoundly transform the way we operate from product materials sourcing to our operations and deliveries. Our customers will also benefit from this journey with an even lower carbon footprint service over the years and until we reach our ultimate target.

Focus on UK achievements and initiatives

  • 33%

    33% CO2 emissions reduction for the past 3 years

  • 23%

    23% reduction in litres of water used per kilo of laundry delivered in the last three years

What does net zero mean for Elis in the United Kingdom?

Working towards Net Zero for Elis UK will require profound transformation in the way we operate and our relations with our stakeholders, for example by:

  • Continuing to improve energy efficiency in our operations

    By using innovative detergent technologies and transforming our processes to reduce water and energy consumptions, investigating alternative sources such as biogas or biomass, solar panels installations or use of renewable electricity.

  • Continually improving our fleet and delivery channels

    Transitioning our fleet towards alternative vehicles, reducing fuel consumption by densifying our delivery channels and optimising our delivery routes and loads; Deploying a unique fleet management tool; Promoting eco-driving.

  • Working on our products longevity and materials

    We will work to extend them when possible, select the best materials and work to reduce product losses.

  • Working with our suppliers

    We will work closely with our suppliers to identify lower carbon alternatives.

  • Further developing reusing and recycling to valorizs our textile at the end of their life

    Rags, insulating materials for automotive parts and investigating textile to textile recycling schemes.

  • Developing new partnerships with our customers, suppliers and eco-system

    To reduce emissions along the value chain and identify innovative approaches.

Circular Economy is at the heart of our business model

Our business model is based on circular economy and emphasizes services over products ownership and rentals over purchases.

Designing waste out and keeping material in circulation, reduce resource consumption and have already allowed us to provide our customers with a lower carbon footprint option. We want to go a step further.

Image of the circular economy

The Elis Group is convinced that the circular economy model, by reducing the consumption of natural resources and extending the life cycle of our products makes a significant contribution to reducing our impact on the environment.

2025 Elis Group objectives

Elis Group announced in 2019 its new 2025 CSR Commitment program, around 3 main pillars. Commitments include:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in the operation by 20% in intensity compared to 2010.

  • Improve thermal energy efficiency in our European factories by 35% compared to 2010.

  • Improve the carbon footprint of our vehicle fleet.

  • To recycle 80% of our textiles.

In the coming months, Elis UK will further specify its full carbon footprint, work on new emission reduction goals and define a clear plan to reach its target.

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