Aluminium workwear

Aluminium protective workwear

Workers working with aluminium must wear workwear that complies with the ISO11612D standard. We not only supply the right certified workwear, but also ensure that these garments continue to conform to the standard. That way, your employees are always optimally protected against splatters aluminium.

Tips for extra safety

Aluminium clothing offers protection against (small) splashes. When larger amounts of molten aluminium come on the clothes, it is wise to remove the clothing as quickly as possible. Use other personal protective equipment (PBM), such as glasses, safe shoes and sturdy work gloves, in addition to the aluminium clothing. Clothing that protects against aluminium requires a specific wash process, water with the right pH, the right temperature and the proper detergent. Professional cleaning is therefore recommended.

Flame Protection aluminium workwear

Best protection against splashing aluminium:

Especially for employees who come into contact with splashes of molten aluminium there is the AluPro collection. This collection was developed by Elis to protect these employees. The splashes do not burn through these clothes, but slide away from the high quality material.

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